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>> a young girl arranges to get cocaine to her school and wins the signs fair. it was to find out which dog could sniff out cocaine the fastest. her dad is a miami police detective he provided the dog, cold enspringer and chocolate lab. he also brought the dope. the school said it was unusual but no rules were broken. for the record the chocolate lab won. >> that's not fair. interesting, but not fair. "america live" starts right now. >> fox news alert the word came in just the last couple hours. the president's jobs council is officially out of a job. as the white house announces it is not renewing a panel of more than 2 dozen industry leaders who were supposed to help fix america's jobs crisis. welcome to "america live everyone. i am megyn kelly. president obama created this
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panel years ago looking at job growth and creation. he only met with them a couple of times, four to be exact in two years. the last normal me formal meetis more than a year ago. americans still have no job about double that have no job or at least under employed. the unemployment rate stands at 7.8 percent. joining me politics editor of and host of "power play." thank you for your service. you will no longer be needed. the jobs crisis is solve snd>> no. this is an illustration of why the president never should have assembled this jobs panel. it was probably a mistake. he wanted i am sure to show the appear ranges of activity while the economy has remained langwith for these years. we had a deep recession and
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sputtering and at that time the president wanted to show he cared. he created a blue ribbon commission. how come you are not meeting with them more. when will was the last time you met with them. why don't you talk to these people why don't you worry about jobs. at the closure it's embarrassing with such high unemployment, 23, 24 million people in the wrong situation just not the optics are bad. >> their mission was in the president's view an important one. a lot of people look at this as one, when president obama had a background he never ran a company and never worked for a company. he was a community organize he were and worked at a law firm. didn't work in business. so this was a way in which he would have outreach directly to the business community about their concerns and help guide his agenda toward creating more
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jobs. he barely met with them and now it's done, chris. is this not just an invitation for more criticism? >> sure. you saw this. the president had a flicker of corporatism back in the day when the 2010 mid terms when he was in trouble went ahead and did things to the business community and looked liefkz going to moderate move to the middle and start bracing more bipartisan things. it is long gone now that we are in 2013 with obama 2.0. >> one of the recommendations they managed to put out while it was in session was he thought there should be less regulations. he thought the regulations we have seen were sake elling on big business. in his second term the president is expected to pursue a slew of new regulations. climate change and gun control.
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senator brown saying that's probably how he will get things done second term because he doesn't think he can work with republicans. it will be executive orders regulations that kind of thing. >> it is probably good he is letting them go again because they would just be crabby. >> krcrabbier. >> they were probably not necessary in terms of what the president wanted to do with the jobs council which is look busy. it was probably successful for a period of time to look busy and concerned about jobs and look moderate. you listen to his inaugural address he wasn't talking about jobs. he wasn't talking about any of that stuff. he was talking about big big liberal wish list ideas about global warming and gay marriage and all this other stuff. not talking about jobs. looking at the way he thinks is better and liberal and to his liking. not about jobs so far.
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>> we talked about the healthcare panel that was created. we will figure out how to get around the doctor's shortage and so on and obama care and other reasons as well. the council was supposed to keep us honest and make sure the president listens to the recommendation and they were with obama care. if they never get the support they never meet and wind up defunct. >> a lot of what inner circles like, counselor you have not been gone from washington, d.c. for so long you don't know why people put these commissions together put heat off when they are weak like the president's healthcare law or in this case the job situation, or just look
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busy. in washington we have a commission equals we are not going to do anything on this. you hear the phrase blue ribbon commission. >> they were looking into it. as far as solutions go that or the jobs crisis we will see. chris, thanks. on the same days we learn about the demise of the job's council we are getting a few key economic reports first jobless claims. the number of americans filing for unemployment claims went up sharply last week up some 38,000 to a seasonally adjusted 368,000. the commerce department saying consumer spending went up by two tenths of a percent last month. remember we got information yesterday showing that consumer confidence is down. 44 percent of our fellow americans are just one emergency away from financial ruin meaning
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they don't have enough savings to cover 3 months of basic living expenses. do you have that? do you have that? i spent most of my adult life without three months of savings to get me through a crisis. it's hard to save everything now. everything is expensive people are cutting back they are losing wages and jobs in the family. it's like where are you going to find time to put away three months worth of savings. the good news is you are not alone. >> we are getting new information in the developing hostage situation in alabama going on now for almost 48-hours with a child's life in the balance. at this hour swat teams and police negotiators are still on the scene in the small community of midland city. they remain locked in a tense standoff with the number one priority to get this 5-year-old boy out alive. yesterday we thought he was 6. he is 5. we have been monitoring the situation since tuesday. the suspect jimmy lee dykes stormed the school bus, killed
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the driver, snatched the child and took the little boy into an under ground bunker about 8 feet below ground. police believe dykes has enough food and water to last him several days. elizabeth pran is live at the scene. >> i want you to see how active the crime scene is. up at the top of the hill the fbi convening. we see the crime scene in consultant motion. -- constant motion. we spoke to the police chief he gave us details about the bunker. it's about 4 by 6 feet meaning it's 4 feet wide. it's the size of a rectangle. 4 wide 6 feet long and 8 feet deep. i doesn't know how many supplies he has for how long stored up there. he does know and can confirm they are communicating with the suspect through that pvc pipe they are talking about.
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the pvc pipe is about 60 feet long. the neighbors describe it as protruding out of what seems to be a homemade fence outside of his driveway. he says the boy is safe. he can confirm he is getting medication. he skaz the family is holding up. although this is very tense. he doesn't have any information in regards to demands the suspect may be making. that's basically up to the fbi when they want to release it. it is very tact kel aical and v sensitive. he gave us no time line on when it will be resolved. the schools are remain closed. the area behind us will remain off area. people get there for an hour or two to get their pets or get them out of their homes. he has no problems in his city. we know the suspect has had problems with the county. he is facing menacing charges. he was supposed to be in court yesterday. we know his relationship with his neighbors was very tense.
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we heard from one neighbor rhonda who told us she has been watching him build this huge bunker system over the past year making the final touches this week. here's what she told us. she has been our eyes and ears in the neighborhood. >> it is the pvc piping he uses. he uses it all over. i believe he probably has a network of the piping, but it is about this wide and that thick. a little thicker than you would expect to see if you are building something outside. it remind me of connects or constructs or something that kids would use. they have been throwing all hands on deck. the scene when we rived on scene this church was filled with cars. but overnight we saw four or five big budget trucks come in.
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we have seen helicopters arrive on scene. there's a number of agencies represented here. certainly like they said they are doing everything they can bringing in all resources from across the nation, all of the local districts are involved. as far as the community is concerned the been holding a number of prayer vigils they are hoping and praying for this little boy's safe return while they mourn for the loss of that bus driver. megyn? >> up later we will talk to as to hostage negotiator about what the options are. so far they managed to keep the little boy alive but this man may be getting more and more desperate. we will look into it. plus we are hearing new concerns that an effort to allow equality in our armed forces could have unintended consequences. >> if we should have to go back in the draft in an emergency should women take place with men in the draft? >> i know some really smart people who would argue maybe we shouldn't be having the selective service system in the first place. given the fact that we do and we
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have tied citizenship with the obligation to be ready to defend the country in whatever capacity needed in an emergency equal equals equal. >> will the push to put soldiers on the front lines put america's daughters at risk of being drafted potentially? that question is next. a new twist in the tangled web involving the notre dame football player who won national sympathy for a dead girlfriend who it turns out never existed. the whole thing was a lie. we meet the man reportedly behind the hoax. he admitted to to dr. phil. we will ask dr. keith ablow for his new take on that man's confession and what he now says was his motivation for doing it. homeland security rolling out a new how to defend yourself video for potential victims of mass shootings. we will look at what the dhs is suggesting you should do. >> shouting order and pushing
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>> before we committed implementing the repeal of don't ask don't tell p and doing everything possible to provide equal benefits to the families of all, all our service members and their families, i will work with the service chief as we officially open combat positions to women. a position i strongly support. >> that was nominee chuck hagel for secretary of defense. he strongly supports allowing women into combat positions. it could open the door to women now being eligible for the draft. something you didn't hear a lot about last week. meaning your daughter, niece, sister might soon be required to register with the government at age 18 and may one day be called against her will to serve this
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country in a war. ceo of concerned veterans for america and also with us now is colonel martha mcsally a retired pilot and first to fly in combat since the lifting of prohibition against combat in 91. kernel l colonel let me start with you. we had the sound break saying yes that is a possible consequence of opening up these roles. a lot of women not in the arped servi armed services and women in the armed services to have equal rights that you want. when you phrase it in another way that means all of the little girls sitting a the home right now with their moms are going to be potentially eligible for the draft if we have to reinstitute one because of you, because you wanted to be in the military you wanted certain roles but maybe our daughters don't want to and we don't want you opening that door to them. your thoughts to women think
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that go way. >> the selective service law is up to congress whether they want to change it or ow it will be institute the in the future. >> but it is possible. >> we should even be bettigettid of this all together. given the fact that we are tieing sglint obligations to registering your obligation if needed in any sort of national emergency you could be called up to serve there is no reason, given there's now no restrictions on military that women should not also be considered to register. keep in mind that combat troops are less than 10 percent of our entire military. there are all sorts of positions in the military that if the nation's security is at steak weather it's cyber warriors people in the medical field that we would need to have all hands on deck to use a navy term. this gets into an emotional
10:20 am
arg argument wiquickly why we shouldn't be letting women serve in the military and why they shouldn't be registering. if we tieing citizenship obligation to the ability to defend if whatever capacity you are available the restrictions should be lifted there. >> we have done that through the beginning of time and we haven't that at age 18 to 25. it is potential we would. she is right congress would have to pass a law to make law what the pentagon's policy would do. that's the normal course of order. what normally happens when the pentagon issues a policy they create a report send it over to congress and congress acts based on the recommendation. you tell me. should fathers and mothers at home be preparing themselves for having their soon to be 18-year-olds registers for a draft? >> i don't know how soon
10:21 am
something like that would happen. i am the father of two boys. if i had daughters i don't think i would want them to be compelled. you are a lawyer any argument taken to its logical extent doesn't look as good as when you are making that initial argument. equality is important. i remain in the national guard i see what contributions women bring. as far as promotion and access wherever possible equality is cherished. however when you shift it into mandatory service for both men and women at the age of 18, i think it makes people -- the hair on the back of their neck to think about the four little girls and whether or not they would be xilcompelled to do something. i went to school had three roommates none of which served all are patriotic would serve if asked and compelled in a draft scenario. more than enough women like colonel mcsally who serve this
10:22 am
nation honorably i don't think it would be necessary to selectively bring in both male and female. >> there is no draft in this country they got rid of it in 1973. doesn't mean's not going to come back. we are in a tim mull to us time. we don't know what our enemy plans for us and may have a president reinstitute the draft as jimmy carter tried to do later on. i want to yask you there are 196,000 women in active duty military personnel. they make out about 14 percent of the 1.4 million. is there something strange about having this policy tank change protect 155 million women in if the country. not all of them are age 18. but it seems like a good plan for a lot of families. it has to nothing to do with haeping women.
10:23 am
they don't want to see their sons drafted in the military. if we have a national emergency everyone needs to could be butte whatever they bring to the fight. this change is not so the 200,000 women are giving something like you are trying to elude to this is about making sure we have the most capable qualified fighting force. >> i want to pick up on that point. i want to pick up on that point and let pete respond right after the break. don't go away. he care tor will say get smart about your weight.
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>> i want to pick up again with pete. response to a lot of folks has been concern, look at israel. they have men and women serving equally over there. without incident. forget just women in combat. what would be so different in this country if we did god forbid have to have a draft
10:27 am
where our sons and daughters both were told they had to go fight and do it along other genders? >> i don't think it's a going to happen or b necessary. but i think from where colonel mcsally and i are coming from are different perspectives. she through in combat. air force are open to 99 perts of everyone in the air force. there's only a few special ops units available to women. in the army i am an infantry men we had units different jobs to do not more important just different. on the ground the requirement as far as physical requirements are a little bit different. when you draw these distinctions. it's not about having women in combat. colonel mcsally has been in combat val rousely. there's a difference between being in combat and unit that is to sustained combat days weeks months and years. it has nothing to do with equality or discrimination it
10:28 am
has everything to do with combat effectiveness. that's the core of the argument. a lot of people can inflate the two combat verses combat distinctions. it's an important distinction. >> colonel let me ask you this, for a lay person like me without military experience i can understand somebody like you somebody so brave and fit and desirous of going into a military career could handle this, go into this situation and defend our country and do it willingly and professionally. but then when i picture a kid -- say it changed tomorrow and 18-year-olds tomorrow had to register and god forbid we had a draft. girls who are not socialized at all not raised at all to have these intermixing with boys with men suddenly they have to go and have to go into combat. i can't picture this happening in a successful nonstressful way. oo a there are plenty of men not
10:29 am
qualified for these positions as well. in 2009 the pentagon estimated 75 percent of ages 18 to 24 did not meet our requirements to be in the military. that's high school diploma, aptitude test scores medical issues. >> i got it. >> also criminal records. so this is about making sure that we are recruiting from the largest pool of applicants. >> how would it work. do you feel comfortable the 18-year-old girls could be drafted and can serve and our military would be just fine? >> there are plenty of 18-year-old boys that wouldn't fit in that as well. >> you are saying one would be hard and the other would also be hard it's no additional stress on the military? >> the issue is not to be totally inclusive in this. all men aren't qualified and neither are women. to include physical strength
10:30 am
plus aptitude in other things and having them serve where they best fit best increases our national security. it's about treating people as individuals instead of large classes of people and making generalizations of that class of people. all women are this way and all men are this way. >> i thought your debates on fox news sunday are interesting. you have both been doing a good job representing both sides. >> the train left the station. it's happening. make sure we have the best fighting course. >> a lot of mothers are saying keep my daughter off your train. >> and my son. >> i already lost my son. my son already has to go on the train. that's been decided long ago. but the daughters are new. >> we will agree to disagree. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thanks. >> homeland security is now highlighting a how to defend yourself video for potential victims of mass shootings. what the da is suggesting you do while critics almost instantly started mocking the idea.
10:31 am
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>> fox news lart. issue of americans moving tons
10:35 am
avoid paying higher taxes. golfer phil mickelson recently complained about paying higher taxes and said he may move elsewhere but apologized or admitting that. tiger woods moved to florida who has no state income tax. states with the higher taxes are among those seeing their populations decrease. the high rates are in orange while states with owe over head are seeing population growth some of those are in green. simon rosen burg who is
10:36 am
president and founder of a think tank advocacy organization. a fellow at the american enterprise institute and former speech riert for president george w. bush. if you look at what's happening in the state eliminating their state income tax or lowering their state income tax it is remarkable for those choosing the opposite route. >> that is exactly right. what the democrats don't seem to understand is taxes effect behavior. wh when you have a situation in high tax states like california like the tax policies have become compensatory it's not just phil mickelson and tiger woods. the state of california lost 3.5 million residents who fled that state. that is the ee kwifl lnquivalen entire state of california. you contract that with nine states that have a zero income
10:37 am
tax for the state 6 percent of all new jobs created in the last decade when they only have 20 percent of the population. what you sees states with consistent tax policies people flee investments flee and jobs flee and all of the rest and in states where they have low they have jobs and expand. you have governors trying to create a welcoming business and obama remaking america in the image of california. >> simon? >> i think it's a ridiculous argument, actually. the idea that most of the influx into places like arizona and florida and the border states are documented and undocumented immigrants. it has been largely asian and hispanic immigrants coming into the country where there was growth at the time. that's where the migration in the country went. in fact large numbers of the people in arizona and texas are
10:38 am
undocumented immigrants. i don't think they were going there to pay income tacks. i think in in idea and complex economy you can reduce the population movement from the north to the south which has been going on for generations, frankly. it, too, low tax rates it is just a bridge too far, mark. i have a lot of respect for you but it's a farce cal argument and there's no basis on it. >> he is respecting you but you are being farce cal and ridiculous. >> how do you explain the fact that 62 percent of the jobs in this country in the last ten years have been created in the zaire income tax rate where a state like california are shedding jobs states like illinois are shedding jobs all of the states where taxes go up the economy is in the tank. >> you think it has -- we just had negative economic growth last quarter not just because of obama's defense cuts it's a massive tax increase and chill of private sector job
10:39 am
creation. >> let me jump in and ask simon. president obama said when we were in the recession you shouldn't raise taxes. after i am out of it you can raise it but not after>> he's right the last thing you want to do is raise taxs in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole. >> zero growth the opposite of growth should he be raising taxes now? >> the taxes have been raised. >> he wants to raise more. >> what the discussion is in the future. in order to get things out of control. >> he said we shouldn't. >> we are not in a respecial. but we have 0 growth. >> we are not in recession. we are not in resomethings. we are not in recession. there were lots of positive economic news. i was on fox business last night with two conservatives talking
10:40 am
about all of the good news in the american economy. don't you jump to conclusions on this. the point is that what the president has proposed is what we are saying, and i am happy to own this. if we want to reduce the deficit which mark and you and many other people want to do we are going to need more revenue and healthcare costs under control we have to put defense. i think all three of those things can get done soon in order to make a tent and i hope it gets done through this year. >> i didn't say what i feel about the deficit. i like seeing it big. i am not the only one who can't balance her budget. mark, the last word. >> what simon is trying to tell you taxes don't attach to behavior. it has no impact on the economy or income. >> i am going to have to respond. >> the reality is a threat of a massive tax increase led to 1.2 percent of economic growth in the private sector last quarter
10:41 am
which obama predicted would be 4 percent growth. we have anemic growth because we are taxing our economy into submissi submission. >> in the 1990s we raised taxes on beg people this idea that taxes themselves>> we are out of time. >> a new terrorist inwist in a notre dame football player his girlfriend and the man behind the hoax. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damage. ronaiahronai ronaiahronaiah>> a notre dame football player and the tail about the dead girlfriend who never existed. the player is the star linebacker at notre dame university his name is manti te'o. for the first time the 22-year-old who admitted creating te'o's fake girlfriend is speaking out.
10:45 am
it's another guy admitting he was behind the whole hoax on man tie -- manti te'o. he sat down with dr. phil mcgraw. his name is ronaiah tuiasosopo. he concocted the hoax because he was in love with manti te'o. >> why did you end this relationship? >> for many reasons. there were many times where manti and linnea broke up before. but every time either i would try to end it or he would they would break up and something would bring them together. i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through i finally realized that i just had to move on with my life and i had to get, me, ronaiah, i had to start living and let this go.
10:46 am
>> wow. dr. keith ablow is a member of our fox news medical a team. doctor phil spent hours with ronaiah tuiasosopo and his psychologist. they discussed what was the motivation. he's confessed to being the perpetrator of this hoax. he denies manti te'o was involved what do you make of the claim that this is all because he was in love with manti te'o? >> i suppose that's a credible claim although the quality of the love that would be characterized by fooling someone into thinking you are a different gender, baiting them a vowel nerable person manti te'o into continuing this for years, i don't want any one saying they love me in that way because it's man lip tive and doesn't no any certa concern for the person. >> how do you get to a point
10:47 am
where you ronaiah tuiasosopo who you know a bit. they weren't the closest of friends but they knew each other a bit. you fall in love with him and this is the way you decide to have him? you perpetrate this hoax and it is somehow meaningful to you. we get confused when we say he loved him. he didn't love him. he was addicted to him. it became an obsessive focus. this isn't someone in love trapping someone into an internet snafoo. nor is it normal that manti te'o would say he had a girlfriend for three years that he had never met. even if he did believe this person had existed he didn't show up at her bedside when he was dying. anyway you have it it's like the he shaller hand drawing the hand and drawing. manti te'o didn't have had for a relationship. he has a fake one for three years and even in the fake one
10:48 am
he can't show up for the fake girl death. >> what are the odds tuiasosopo will create the hopes and can find just the right victim who would be just inclined. star football player of notre dame it's not tough for him to at the time girls according to him. to find a man who would spend time in an exclusive relationship. >> these are two very troubled people. painting one as an aggressor who is confused about his sexuality and has fallen in love with a football player is pro pros truss. he is a predator who may be confused about his sexuality. i doesn't love anybody. i not sure he has the capacity. secondly manti te'o isn't a harmless innocent who falls for
10:49 am
a compelling ghost of a female he obviously has relationship issues. the bottom line is not only is he willing to keep someone at that great a distance for three years. this is his girlfriend he never meets her that's okay with him? and she doesn't exist and he doesn't show up at moments of crisis in her life anyhow. he's a ghost, too. a manti te'o is as much of a ghost as she is. >> his relationship was exclusive. it is not like he was dating anybody else. i didn't understand where he was going beau tuiasosopo -- ask phil said was this a romantic relationship for you? yes. are you therefore gay? when you put it that way, yes. he caught himself. he said i am confused. he went on to say he was trying to recover from homosexuality.
10:50 am
is this about a gay man who didn't want to admit he was a gay man? >> who knows bause the bottom line is these are enigmas wrapped with enigmas. is it that he's gay is it because he wants to say he is gay because he would prefer to be with females but having two walls against that event is greater than one? he is no no way prepared for a real relationship. not only does he try to romance through being a predator a football player through which he has no intimate connection, but then he says it might be because i am gay, but i am not. okay, you really need to sit in the corner and think about this with a fair thys can borough to the core why intimacy that is become such a threat just as much as it is by the football player you connected with through technology. >> it's like they should search
10:51 am
the world all over again and never found each other the perfect perpetrator and victim. >> maybe three there's a dinner in their future. >> manti te'o main takens he is not gay. made questionable choices. >> he doesn't know. he doesn't know if he is even oo football player. >> what do you mean? most guys they know. >> anybody who engages in a 3 year long relationship doesn't know the first thing about anything except whether they are wearing jeans or pleated khakis. he doesn't know anything. he has to start from 6 years old and work backwards. >> that psychiatrist will have a lot of work. doctor ab low. thank you. >> take care. >> always interest, is he? >> should women be eligible for the draft. thoughtful comment on both
10:52 am
sides. let me know what you think at megyn kelly. >> angry parents learn the principal allowed his entire school to recite the pledge of allegiance in arabic. a child being held by a suspected killer in a bunker for a third day. top of the hour we have one of the pop tig yat tores in the country.
10:53 am
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but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> some parents of high school students in colorado are angry and speaking out after learning the students recited the pledge of allegiance in arabic over the school's intercom.
10:56 am
trace? >> rocky mountain high school recites it every week. the culture club asked the principal if they could recite it in different languages. they have done it in spanish and french this week they said can we do is in arabic. one nation under god became one nation under allah. the principal admits he is now getting hammered. angry phone calls e-mails from parents one calling him a traitor. he stand by his decision saying we have a tremendous amount of diversity in our school, this is very american. it's not unamerican while the culture club says they are trying to destroy the barriers and embrace the culture that exists within their school they do have one arabic student. many others don't share that view some calling it blaspheme of a major tenant of patriotism. one accused the school of pushing the muslim brotherhood agenda. i am quoting here. we donunderstand not everybody
10:57 am
would agree with the student's choice. we hear there are some who are upset. we received one e-mail from a person who thought it was a great thing. we got off the phone with the principal who said they will continue to recite the pledge in other languages including sign language. but he says they will recite it in english as well but he stands bhiez decision. >> sign language over the intercom? >> they are going to put it on video. >> thanks, trace. coming up retaliation after an israeli air strike inside syria. we have the latest in a live report from the region. give me a c for controversy. a baltimore ravens cheerleader said she has been side lined from the super bowl because she put on a few pounds. the team says something else is going on. the pom-pom drops in kelly's court. >> the same unions that had the
10:58 am
overall are concerned about the cost. they want taxpayers to help them out. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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11:01 am
>> praying and talking appear to be the tactics right now as the nightmare of the hostage stand off stretches into the third day in alabama. welcome everyone. i am megyn kelly. hostage negotiators are working to save the life of a 5-year-old boy with a man who believed to have killed one man already. it started tuesday when the 65-year-old suspect said to have snatched the boy from his school bus killing the driver who tried to stop them and then retreated with the child into this bunker. police say he's volatile threatened his neighbors at gun point in the past and done some other horrific things.
11:02 am
part of what makes it so tough is where he is holding him. earlier a 6 by 4 foot bunker 8 feet deep under ground with what could be enough supplies to hold out for days. can you image this poor little boy locked in there with this man after seeing him kill his bus driver? joining us now is someone working with the police agencies on the site. his name is aaron cohen. give us a minute while we work out our technical difficulty. i want to get to trace cgallaghr who will give us a look at the scene. >> i want to go back to the graphic you had up there the inside of the bunker cha they believe to be the inside bunker. how much food days he have in there? we talked about the fact that they are communicating sending
11:03 am
medicine into the pvc pipe. how long can they remain in there? is there adequate water and food. one of the key questions in this entire case is what is the mental capacity now of the man who is holding this 5-year-old boy hostage and is he near the breaking point? he is still communicating and experts say that's a good sign that he is still communicating and talking when communications breakdown is when things go south and experts really start to worry. clearly they are worried now. one of the big concerns is making sure they keep the conversation going and figuring out exactly how sustainable that bunker is for this 5-year-old boy. >> he was a former israeli counter terrorist hostage rescue operator who trains law enforcement instructors around the world and has connections to the law enforcement officers involved in this case. aaron thank you so much for being here. i know you know the sheriff well
11:04 am
and you have been in contact with some of the police agencies you work with some of them on-site. do you have any information on the contacts in alabama now? >> there's nothing new developing from the actual situation on the ground megyn. but what i can tell you is that it is an unconventional complex operation in terms of swat tactics. what we have is a specific individual bunkered down in practically a hole. one of the concerns is a tact kel option is unorthodox it will be very difficult to use physical -- use a physical plan to actually go in there and get him. having said that there's always a way to come up with a solution. that's not really the goal of the swat team. i think right now the focus is trying to de escalate the situation as the local sheriff really stressed. by de escalating the situation what it does is by putting time
11:05 am
over a situation especially something like a hostage siege is tends to calm things down which is really bun of the first operational goals. >> time may work in their favor then extending this it may help save the little boy. >> it might. what you said is porn. this is a goal to save the child. this is not a barricaded subject. he barricaded shichl there's no hostages. they can go in there beenand ge him. with a hostage it's more complicated because the first goal operationally is to free him unharmed which means by spending the time -- >> how do you do it? as somebody who has been responsible for this how do you convince a guy who said to have murdered a bus driver in order to get his hands on the little boy i am not going to get into the torture that he put the neighbor's dog through.
11:06 am
but this is a disturbed man. how do you convince someone who wanted this boy so bad he killed a bus driver to let him go? >> gate question. you want to try to connect with him on a couple different levels and try to figure out what makes him tick. >> he is going to connect with him on a more cerebral level have people come in he may know. but really in the backdrop there's the other things that are happening which is really trying to figure out a way to possibly make some type of physical entry. this slowing down process the fbi sent their national team they are one of the top hostage tactical hostage teams in the world. >> sorry.
11:07 am
the satellite feed is confusing you and me. do you that's a good sign he has allowed medication be delivered to the little boy and the little boy and the suspect are believed to be calm? >> it is. it's an excellent intedcation. the fact that he is allowing medication means he's functioning with some type of cohesion. he is not completely psychotic. he is taking certain safety administrations. he killed people. he killed a bus driver so obviously he is incredibly dangerous. which is why attack c tactical operation is there because it could turn no something quiet to something that is explosive in a matter of seconds. this slowing down process is really positive. hopefully they can get him to come out. i am sure there are other things going on in the wood works if
11:08 am
that is not a possibility right now. >> thank you for your expertise. the suspect is reportedly a loaner, a survivalist who quote does not trust the government. this is according to a source that spoke with nbc and who holds anti-american views. more on this as we get it. >> fox news extreme weather alert in a deadly outbreak of tornadoes. crews are assessing the damage. you can see the devastation for yourselves in georgia where a series of twisters swept through. homes and buildings completely demolished as people who live there are now trying to clean up. they just filed this report from georgia. >> you take a look at the supermarket you get an idea of how powerful these tornadic winds must have been. this is about the center of town. you can see nothing but utter destruction. cars were picked up and tossed. houses were leveled.
11:09 am
this particular grocery store nothing but rubble at this time. of course there was one fatality. 51-year-old anthony reigns died as he slept. a huge tree came down and unfortunately ended his life. lots of trees fell all over. we have talked to so many people who huddled and found shelter and were able to survive. at this point they are saying the pathway of the storm some 2 and a half miles long and half a mile wide. there had tour lots of trucks in here lots of vehicles tree removal. they are trying to get some sense of normalcy. i am angelique proctor fox news. >> thank you for that report angelique. >> more on that, too, as we gather the devastation. really remarkable. >> we are following a developing story from overseas we are we
11:10 am
are hearing new threats of retaliation after an israeli air strikes on the border of syria. u.s. officials say the target was a shipment of missiles thought to be from hezbollah to lebanon. they decide claiming the jets bombed a military research center. now syria and ally iran are warning of prep cushirepercussi. >> israel has long feared a crumbling assad regime may try to get weapons. recent days israeli officials are hinting that some type of steps might be needed to stop that type of transfer. according to u.s. officials israeli jets attacked a convoy with f 813 reportedly on its way to hezbollah fighters in lebanon. u.s. officials were given a
11:11 am
heads up about these attacks saying there was no convoy. they even claimed there was an attack on a military facility outside of damascus. syria and the biggest backer condemn the attack. in russia another big factor in syria called it an unjustified unprovoked attack. russia supplies a lot of weapons including these air service missiles to the assad regime. there is sort of a big support for russia. what type of response may they actually have to israel is not really clear. assad obviously has his own troubles with his civil war in syria. israel has a superior strength in terms of firepower and jet power. what happens next isn't clear but certainly this is rising and increasing tensions in the middle east here.
11:12 am
>> connor, thank you. new fallout over the president's healthcare overhaul. today we are learning some of the unions who are the most vocal supporters of the law are now worried about the cost to their members. they reportedly want the american tax payer to help pay their insurance premiums. an update. plus a baltimore ravens cheerleader side lined for sunday's super bowl. the team says she was not up to fair. she packed on a few lb's before the big game. she says something else was going on. we will give you the verdict. >> gun control hearing involved a woman who defended her need to defend herself and paint the the argument in terms of gender. we will show you that tape and pick up the debate. >> how can you say that you are a large man and you are not a teenage -- tall man. you are not a young mother who has a young child with her. i am passionate about this
11:13 am
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11:16 am
>> one of the most dramatic moments of gun center lines came with a faceoff between a gun rights activist and a senator. dale trotter argued women in particular need high powered weapons to defend themselves in a scenario. he took issue with the claim. here is their tense exchange. >> she would clearly have an adequate ability to protect her family without a 100 round piece of weaponry. >> how can you say that. you are a large man and you are not a teenaged -- tall man. you are not a young mother who has a young child with her. and i am passionate about this position because you cannot understand. you are not a woman stuck in her house having to defend her children not able to leave her
11:17 am
child. not able to go seek safety on the phone with 911 and she cannot get the police there fast enough to protect her child. she is not used to being in a firefight. >> my point simply is she did it adequately and successfully with lawful firearms. >> that i thiexchange has gotte lot of reaction. anna rickers is a senior fellow at the independent women's forum the same group gail trotter is from we just heard. and sally cohen a fox contributor and blogger. wow. i was amazed to see the amount of pickup that got and i mean, i will say this, it doesn't seem like she is got a lot of friends on the left, anna. fr there was a visceral reaction that a woman would feel more vulnerable in a safety situation than a man would. >> well it's ridiculous to think
11:18 am
least a one-size fits all when it comes to personal defense personal defense the use of a firearm in one's self defense. we have a natural right to self defense. the second amendment guarantees rights to bear and keep arms. we as a people have the ability to choose whatever means we seem best to -- >> that's not what she was arguing. she wasn't saying everybody has the right to deserve whatever capacity. she said to him you can't understand because you are a man. >> women naturally, generally speaking, are physically weaker than men. it's quite obvious. women are also targets of violent crime, of rape, of assault. we have to be able to match force with force. >> let me jump in.
11:19 am
i am going to get to sally in a minute. why does that mean she needs a 100 round magazine in her gun? >> it's a bill of rights: it's not a bill of needs. the second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. justice scalia wrote in dc verses hiller the second amendment protects the use of common firearms. the ar 15 is the most commonly owned rifle. >> let me get sally to weigh in. >> look, when the bill of rights wrauz w was written there weren't hundred round magazines and even conservative judges have said the second amendment hz its limitations when it comes to public safety. the larger industry, no one is stopping law abiding men and women from having guns to protect themselves. how do you balance that against public safety. i will be honest, if i have a daughter -- i have a daughter.
11:20 am
i don't care about the politics of this. if i thought guns unlimited access to guns would keep her safe i would put a gun rack in her bedroom. i am not against guns i am for facts. most women aren't killed by strapgers they aren't victims of silents at the hands of strangers but from people they know husbands, boyfriends. for every one woman who protects herself with a firearm, 83 are killed with a firearm by that intimate partner. >> it is not making women safe. >> it's not true. someone who wants to perpetrate domestic violence against a woman is not going to obey a restraining order. the best way for a woman who is in danger to protect herself is by firearm. when seconds count the police are always minutes away. we need to ensure women, whatever they feel is the best
11:21 am
for them to protect themselves. when it comes to violence. >> do you see any difference -- interesting, sally. in the last hour we had a heated de booifrt women in co-- debatef weather people would be for having potentially women being eligible for the draft. is this the same kind of situation. are we either going to treat the men and differently or aren't we. should we be distinguishing between a kwom in fear and a man in fear. >> a person in fear of their life is a person in fear of their life. no one is trying to minimize that or minimize the reasonable option they have. on the other hand what i find troubling is this is a conversation trying to cloak itself as protecting women from
11:22 am
violence. independent woman's forum, vocal. (talking over one another). >> i can't let that go. >> hold on. hold on. >> let her finish with that. i am going to give you the floor. >> let her finish her point. violence against women what was the second thing quickly? >> people who have been convicted of domestic violence right now they want get a gun except through gun shows because of the gun show loophole. >> let her respond. >> that is ridiculous. you look at the guns sold at gun shows firearms dealers have to use -- have to go through the fsl sits tystem to sell firearm. there are not these domestic violence perpetrators going out and buying guns off the streets from law ahiding citizens. they are already -- they have
11:23 am
tendency to obey the laws. >> for the restrifkt -- >> i have to leave it at that. thank you soe-- both so much. >> to you to defend yourself video as potential victims of a mass shooting. why critic almost ints sta
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> they worry with tougher gun laws they won't be able to defend themselves when facing a deadly situation. they are telling people to fight back with scissors. it's all part of an instructional video posted on
11:27 am
the agency's web site that gives tips on how to survive a workplace shooting. >> trace gallagher has more. >> i say only in america. we have had segments on this show how to survive one, too. why not go with the dhs on it. >> if you are looking for tips on how to survive the situation don't go with this. it's about a 4 minute long videotape. it starts out with very chilling scene from the virginia tech shooting fort hood the attempted assassination of gabby gifford. then it begins with the tips lock the doors take cover use heavy furniture to block doors and then there's this. >> if you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover you might consider trying to over power the shooter with whatever means are available. >> cement experts say you grab scissors common stuff. they don't tell people stuff
11:28 am
they don't know. the president of the independent firearm's association says better option during active shooter situations is to have a legal firearm. remember the last time they came out with an active shooter guidelines it was for dhs employees all of them including armed agents they told them all to run and hide. the agents responded by saying i think it's a better idea if we come in contact with an active shooter we pull out our guns and engage that shooter. this is the second time dhs has tried to do this. it's heapart of president obama gun safety issue. >> the experts of the navy seal said one tool you could use if you didn't have a gun he had the flashlight. i ordered it. you temporarily blind them. in the absence of having something else you use what you can. all right trace, thanks. coming up be careful what you wish for. some unions allowed supports of
11:29 am
the education overhaul are worried about the costs. they are asking taxpayers like you for help. that story is next. growing controversy after a baltimore ravens cheerleader learns she is being side lined after the big game. she says there's something else going on. it has to do with her weight? really? this woman?
11:30 am
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free-- but only if you act right now. call the number on your screen now! >> fox news alerts. a report now of a shooting at a middle school in atlanta. our affiliate has a chopper at the scene. we are seeing limited activity at this hour. we are told police have a suspect in custody. trace is gathering with more information at the news desk. >> a couple things we are getting reports of possibly two schools -- backtrack. there are two schools being named we are not clear which school could be involved carver high school and press middle school are in the reports. police are thinking it is at price middle schools. might be both schools are close together and they may have them both on lock down. we understand one student has been shot one student has been
11:34 am
taken into custody and that a teacher has been injured but the teacher was not shot. you can see from our fox affiliate there waga this live look now there is heavy police presence. this is videotape from moments ago when the alleged suspect was taken into custody. it is unclear if the suspect was a student and if it happened in the classroom in the school or outside of the school grounds. we do know that one student was shot. ambulances are arriving on the scene as well as swat teams. the suspect has been taken into custody and he was acting alone. again very unclear exactly where this happened. we are on the phone with police as we find out more about this shooting in atlanta, megyn. we will get you updated live. >> just to update you, too, while you were talking we spoke with the public information officer of the police who told us if this did happen at the middle school. so that adds further
11:35 am
clarification. get back to us when you know more. thanks, trace. well in the meantime there is a new battle emerging over the president's healthcare law as we get new reports the same labor unions who were originally very loud in supporting the overhaul are now worried about the cost of that law to their members. they are suggesting american taxpayers should start paying some of the bills for premium workers. now that it is a law they want a second crack at the argument. joining me now is susan cohen and radio talk show hes. the unions were vocal in supporting this law looking back at a couple they said we are going to org niedz and honor ted kennedy's legacy by pushing for healthcare reform.
11:36 am
actually wait this is going to be costly to us. it will make us less competitive and what we would like to do is sort of a sharing system where our unionized workers, michael, are going to get some benefits with us and to make the plan more lucrative for them we want the tax payer to subsidize healthcare and treat them like they are qualified federal subsidies in the plan which you normally wouldn't get except at a certain level. >> obviously they put the hell in healthcare. we have had obama care like in the beginning. our healthcare costs soared exploded premium costs have exploded. we were told emergency rooms could be empty if they no longer had primary care. they are more full than ever. the wait time for a doctor has almost doubled since the obama
11:37 am
care went into place. every criticism they are making is true for every small business and every citizen. president obama said give me the obama care premiums will drop by $2,500. premiums have gone up 2500. obama care sucks. that's why they all asked for waivers before it went into place. >> i have never heard put the hell in healthcare before. >> original just for you. >> michael graham original i think. >> this was debated. they wanted something like this before the bill was passed. the answer was no. guess who had to foot that bill the american tax payer. this was settled. now they come back and say we are asking again. instead of saying to them this was settled. the administration is saying, well, we will take it into consideration. it will be dealt with smou in regulations one way or the another. >> according to the wall street journal which reported the story it could be years before there
11:38 am
is any increase in premiums or significant decrease in access to coverage. i favored in man nae progressives and liberals favored single pay or medicare at all simple way to do it rather than the patch quilt items in the affordable care act. in terms of being raised it would be more than the affordable care act. >> that's not on point. let's respond to today's issue. if the unions asked they were told no and now they are back again with their hands out. it is not just for -- it's for your money and my money and my viewer's money. >> why should they get it when they were already rejected? >> they should get it because we are talking about a small subsidy for a small group of workers, and the waiver that they are asking for, the waiver pertains to one part of the affordable care act. it has to do with lifetime coverage. they removed the cap on lifetime coverage and that's what is
11:39 am
resulting in it costing more. it could be years before this ever kicks in. we don't know what the end result will be. >> we don't even know. it will be years before it kicks in. don't worry about it your kid will pay for it. >> it is costing more right now. it's the reason why it is hard to find full-time work. they spent trillions in stimulus because they don't want to put you full-time. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> they dump workers on to the taxpayers. >> jobs increased during the obama administration. >> no, full-time -- (talking over one another) >> the sub citied dees the f -- subsidies federal tax payer subsidies were designed only for low income workers who do not have employer coverage. these are union workers who have employer coverage. why should they qualify.
11:40 am
it was rejected by president obama. >> you know who got the subsidies bigger companies and corporations they have gotten waivers, too, we have given waivers on all siepdes of the specs trum. what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander. we have to give it to others, too, the people who need it knows on the lower end of the income. >> build i go back to you allan please answer my question. this was rejected. it was rejected. it was rejected. why should they get the yes now that they were denied by the administration first time around? >> because we have to have equity here. we have to have fairness. >> why is it more fair now than when w it was when they rejected it the first time. >> a large number has gone to the corporations which is not part of the bill. union members wanted it because of attempt to destroy. >> michael allen has a double standard companies like mcdonalds have a large number of
11:41 am
plies they got certain waivers from the healthcare law and allen is saying these unions should get the same. >> you are absolutely right. lots of big businesses who are pals of obama glooishg e and goldman sachs. you hit the point megyn. the reason to give unions taxpayer money because obama won the election and these are his friends. as you keep pointing out the union members have enough money. but the unions can't afford it. unions who are losing membership because the unions are so useless the unions want a handout and they are lining up for a handout because they are there. >> because you have a bunch of republican governor triesing to take away unions and collective bargaining rights. this is one of those issues decided not just by regulations but in collective bargaining down the road it will be settle theed. >> every day we learn something
11:42 am
new about the healthcare law and folks who are responding to it. great making points on both sides. the growing skont versie after a cheerleader learns he's being side lined. the team says she wasn't up to par. she says they claim i got too heavy. really? give us a k, give us an e, give us an l-l, y. kelly's court is next. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ]
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11:46 am
she started when she was 18. now she is a ripe old 23. but she wasn't invited to cheer with her quad this sunday as the team makes its way to the big game it takes on the 49ers in the super bowl. the ravens had to choose 30 members of the 60 members of the cheer quad based on certain criteria and she did not make the cut. there's a big question about what the reason for that actually was. joining me to debate it, stand by. a former prosecutor now defense attorney and a former prosecutor now defense attorney. you tell me why she claims she has been wronged? >> so, courtney says that during the course of the season they have to get weighed all of the time. as long as you are consistent you are good. she gained a little bit of weight during the season and on one game had to be benched. how much weight did she gain? 2 pounds. >> if i have seen it once i have seen it a million times. >> she says that's the reason why she is not being invited to
11:47 am
cheer at the biggest game of her life. >> look at her, mark, she is obese. how can they put her on the super bowl side lines and hold their heads high. how could they do it? >> keep her off the side lines. this is not about her weight. that's what she is trying to do to gain public sympathy. she choose to retire early in the season. oh my goodness her team is in the super bowl and now she is not being asked to join them on the side lines. it's called life. everybody thinks they are a winner they deserve to be part of the group. she did not make the cut. sub fpr performances. >> let me say this. i might come across a little sensitive and harsh. i am going to fix it to her. i am going to offer her if she would like for the super bowl i would invite her and 27 of the other girls who didn't make the squad to come watch it at my house. >> you are so selfless.
11:48 am
you are so giving. i love that about you. big screen tv it's quality, it's large. >> it is not just her supporters who say it was because of her ladies and gentlemened weight gain of two pounds. she talked about how hard she claims the ravens cheer squad leaders have been on her. >> i feel like it's just a slap in the face. they required me to see a nutritionist, they required me to get counseling all out of pocket. the last straw had to come to the weight. they said i had had quote-unquote a rough year. they had to take disciplinae action saying bifrnzed for my weight. >> if that is true, is it actionable? are they alloweded to pick the most fit cheerleaders? >> don't you dare say yes. >> first of all let me tell you this. this is what you can't relate to, mark. we are women. we gain two pounds from breathing. i am two pounds heavier when i get out of this chair just
11:49 am
because it's thursday. >> don't you get so confused by the number difference in the morning and the evening scale. >> to have her pay for a nutritionist because she gains a pound, two pounds is ridiculous. first of all it's probably not actionable. i am sure tshe signed her life away when she agreed to be a cheerleader for the ravens. >> you have to have a contract to be on the cheer squad? >> probably. >> i think she drank a big cup of gullable this morning. >> hence the two pounds. >> they had a selection process and they considered three different categories and weight was not on there. >> it was seniority performance ability and personal conduct through out the season. >> there you go. >> good luck proving it was because of her weight. let's really talk here? what is the purpose of the cheerleader. my daughter is a cheerleader so i mean no disrespect even though
11:50 am
they ignored me in high school. what's the purpose of the cheerleader? not for their beauty for their cheers. i have not gone bananas because a cheerleader told me to do so. >> 2 pounds makes somebody not attractive? my cell phone weighs two pounds. >> they are there to inspire. give me an r, give me an a, give me a v-e-n-s. why does skun haany one have to perfectly fit. >> 28 girls didn't make the cut. >> she was one of the most senior. >> the most senior 5 years. >> everybody in her category was going except for her. two pounds, too cell phones. >> she knew she was going. she was so sure she was going once the ravens made it i can't get to get to new orleans. i am so excited. then came the news.
11:51 am
she would be in beautiful sunny florida. you take the plane going further south young lady. >> let me say this. when you are pointing your ti fingers outward you have three pointing back at you. this girl it is based on attitude she has a sense of entitlement didn't make the cut. >> can i say something on that. it always confused me speaking of your fingers pointing. when you go out to dinner which one is my bread plate is my drink and his water. my friend learned this trick, do this. the drink and the bread. so like the left hand said b that's the red plate. d my drink. >> i say break the rules. >> thank you ms. kelly. >> don't say i never did anything for you. >> his wife will never approve. >> no. neither do i.
11:52 am
coming up we have an update on the breaking news for you. this is the situation in atlanta. we are just getting more information. these are live pictures. you heard trace reporting earlier it was a middle school we confirmed. what is happening here? they said one person shot. they said a teacher had been injured but not shot, and that they had apprehended one suspect. we will get more information after this break. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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eating less is a beautiful thing.
11:55 am
>> the reverend jesse jackson at the annual rainbow push wall street economic summit. proepsing a domestic marshall plan type program where pension money would be used to reinvest in american cities. eric shawn is live m in new
11:56 am
york. >> helping the american economy not just from reverend jackson but former president bill clinton who finished up the speech here a few moments ago. he says something has to be done saying the problems in washington and the growing national debt posed a threat to the american economy. >> we have a few years here to make sure we an economic policy in america that gives capital to everybody who needs it. gives education to everybody who needs it and can use it and invest in the future as well as the past. >> wall street project is dealing with economic problems the reverend jackson wants to focus on pension funds. he's calling it a new pension fund loan program for american cities that he says will boost the economy and help lower the unemployment rate. take a look at the amount of
11:57 am
assets and pension funds right now just over $7 trillion. about half of the domestic stocks and international stocks only 6.5 percent in real estate less in other investments. the reverend jackson told us the money to invest is there. >> they can limit reconstruction. i am convinced the large body of money to make use of that would be a portion of pension fund minus the bill and infrastructure development bank long-term low interest loans. >> the reverend jackson says this country did it after world war ii for japan and europe they can do it now here at home. megyn back to you. >> up next wait until you hear some of the tweets and e-mails we are getting about woman and the draft next.
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